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Estate & Tax Planning

Ours is an integrated view. It is an approach to estate and tax planning that is comprehensive, comprising an understanding of a client's financial  situation, family, goals, values, risk tolerance and more.

Since families are unique, so too are the estate and tax-planning services they seek from us.  For some, this might be a straightforward plan involving a will, healthcare proxy, durable power of attorney or revocable trust. For other families, it might require more sophisticated approaches, such as split interest trusts, limited liability companies, private foundations, creditor protection techniques, and more. Over time, needs will ebb and flow.

In addition to flexibility, sound estate planning requires a thorough understanding of many different types of specialized assets. These might include...

Our advisors constantly assess new planning techniques and the ever-changing tax landscape.

Our Clients

Hemenway & Barnes serves a wide range of estate and tax-planning clients. These include young families, professionals, individuals, and family groups.

We often work with multiple generations, especially where there is shared ownership of a valuable asset, such as a family-owned business or real estate. Preserving these assets for future generations involves many complex legal, family and emotional factors, as does the decision to divest assets.

First and foremost, we seek to understand our clients' appetites for risk and complexity for themselves and their family. Our goal is to put a holistic plan in place that aligns with our clients' needs and values.

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