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A Message to the Hemenway & Barnes Community


Dear Valued Clients and Friends:

We know that most of you are at home, and some are under state mandated shelter in place instructions. Like many firms, Hemenway & Barnes is also adhering to state mandates and other regulatory recommendations and is converting to a largely remote work environment. We have been preparing for this moment and, while we wish that we did not have to implement our plans, we are ready to operate in a largely, or completely, remote fashion for as long as necessary. What does this mean for you, our valued clients? We are able to do legal work and operate our trust and tax functions in normal fashion, remotely. We have the ability to communicate by phone and by video.

For more than 150 years, Hemenway & Barnes has served you and your families, as well as your businesses and non-profit organizations, as fiduciaries and legal advisors. Through the many ups and downs - wars, market crashes and other national emergencies – including the last pandemic, in 1918, we have remained true to our responsibility to put your interests first. We are grateful for the trust that you have placed in us and we remain committed to serving you during these challenging times.

We have been in touch with some of you and will continue to reach out over the coming days and weeks. Updates on the coronavirus (COVID-19), the government’s actions and the stock market’s response are hitting our inboxes and the news cycle at an accelerating rate. We know that you may have questions about what this means. We will do our best to keep you informed as the situation evolves. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out directly to us by phone or email. Our attorneys, professionals and trustees are available by phone and email at their usual numbers and addresses. Listed below are some helpful instructions regarding work that we do for many of you and how to handle it during this time.

With our best wishes that you and your family stay safe,

Nancy Gardiner
Managing Partner
Hemenway & Barnes LLP

Status of Frequent Tasks and Requests

  • View Your Account Information, including holdings, balances, and transactions via HemenwayAccess. (If you don’t have access or you need help with a password reset please contact Taylor O’Leary at
  • Request a Check or Electronic Funds Transfer  Contact your trustee by email or phone
  • Bill Pay  Please contact your trustee with any new invoices. Pre-established bill pays continue automatically.
  • Questions About Your Investments or Income Distributions – Please contact your trustees.

Communications Policy for Hemenway & Barnes

Thank you for your interest in Hemenway & Barnes, but merely communicating with Hemenway & Barnes LLP or a Hemenway & Barnes lawyer or employee will not create a lawyer-client relationship. Such a relationship will not arise unless and until the firm agrees with you in writing to handle a particular matter. Unless and until this has occurred, you should not convey to us any information you regard as personal or confidential, because any such information will not be treated by us as confidential or subject to any confidentiality requirements.

Our website offers several opportunities for visitors to request information. We use this contact information to send users information about our firm and their selected areas of interest. We may not be able to respond to your request for a variety of reasons, but appreciate your interest in our firm.

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