Nothing but Gratitude, by Gioia Perugini

My inbox filled up over the weekend with emails from nonprofits across the globe celebrating this season of giving. The confluence of Thanksgiving, the first night of Hanukkah, Small Business Saturday, World Aids Day and Giving Tuesday have highlighted this season of need, generosity and gratitude. Generosity and gratitude take many different shapes and sizes. Whether you are passionate about the environment, global health, education, the arts or basic human needs, you can’t make a wrong choice when you support a cause about which you are passionate. And it doesn’t always have to involve a cash gift.  It’s a great time to engage your family on the topic of giving, a complement to the list-making and gift-getting. Share a favorite family recipe, or call a friend or family member who might like to hear your voice. Spend some time volunteering with your favorite charity, or rake leaves for your neighbor. Giving your time can have an equal impact as monetary support. Whether it’s a contribution to an organization you care about or giving your time to those in need, take a moment in this season of giving to express gratitude in its many forms.

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