How to Balance Head and Heart During End-of-the-Year Holiday Giving

Holiday preparation has reached a fever pitch in many households. Gifts have been purchased, wrapping has begun and menus have been planned.

Yet, like many of us, I still have a list of charitable gift solicitations awaiting my attention.

The Internet has made it easier for donors to evaluate a particular charity. However, the head often struggles with the heart and we end up feeling conflicted, deciding between “good” or “bad” investments.

Here a few simple steps to balance passion and reason, reduce any stress, and bring more joy to your holiday season:

1. Sometimes having your “heart-strings” tugged isn’t a bad thing. For all of the solicitations that you receive that you can leave in the mail pile, which are the ones on the top of the stack, and why?

2. Do more than give money. Volunteering with children, grandchildren or friends and neighbors can be rewarding and make your monetary resources go further.

3. Make charitable giving a collaborative effort. Year-end charitable gifts in honor of a person such as a parent, teacher or coach, or a milestone event, are a great way to connect your personal passions with your role in the broader community.

4. Finally, do your homework. Use those online tools to your benefit, but don’t let them weigh you down. One of the greatest gifts you can offer is to give with your heart, and follow through with your head.

Charitable giving gets a lot of attention this time of year. Whether you’re helping Santa bring a present to a needy child, donating to the local food pantry or contributing to a global charity, a balanced approach to philanthropy can add to your holiday spirit.

Gioia Perugini


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